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Metin and windows 7

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  • Metin and windows 7

    Hi!i would like to know if metin2 runs on windows 7 (or if it gives any problems). thanks .

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    Yes, i play with Windows 7 and havent got problems


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      What processor do you have? Beacause i've got an intel core i7, but in the requirements of metin AMD or Pentium are ...does metin run with intel?


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        if u ask me i would say metin2 works on almost everything , find some rock and install on it ,and it will work ( for example im curently playing on 11years old computer with intel pentium 4 )
        im not so familiar with procesors but i guess back than when requirements was written there was with amd only intel pentium , not intel core and others ... if u can run win7 than definitly u can run metin2 ,i dont know why u wouldnt be able to play metin2(i guess only some troubles with graphic card or damaged graphic card can stop u with playing metin2) ...


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          Ok thank you! I ll check it out!;) bye


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            You will have no problems with intel i7 ;) I would say that if you got a good graphic card and a good amount of ram (and with the i7) you can multiple metin windows at the same time.... like without lag or breaks so you willl play the game with no problems.... just start playing and enjoy this great server