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  • Metin2.SG Client Download...

    I have a problem, I try to download the client but it makes my computer crash when it's not a .rar file or a .exe file, and actually it's a .msi file. Can someone upload me the client in a .rar or .exe file? Like on MegaUpload or anything?

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    That doesn't make sense, MSI is a standard installer format (literally stands for MicroSoft Installer).

    Try extracting the contents of the MSI with a tool like lessmsi?


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      i think the most important question is what is your Operating System?
      cause if u are using Linux or Mac may have some sense actualy


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        I've got another problem of a different matter - i think the file automatically extracts to the default harddrive, C: for example. This should be fixed asap


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          really, am lost with ur problem r u talking about? xd


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            I mean, you have a harddrive, the harddrive can be split in parts (local discs). I, for example, have got 4 of those (C, D, E, F). When i run the file it installs automatically to C, while there should be an option to choose others, because I've got not enough free space to install it in. Does that clear things up for you a little bit? ^^'


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              OK, I managed to clear my disc and gain some more space just to run the file (about 750 MB on the defaut, first local disc C), but after the installation starts the game requires 1,4 GB MORE space on C, even if I choose to install it on a different local disc =/ (E: for example). Is there something that can be done about that?

              PS: It doesn't install automatically to the default disc, but requires 2,15 GB of space on this particular disc to install the game.
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                eh? the metin2, doesnt need more than 800 mb..... of free space, i think.

                anyway, when u r installing the metin2, u can choose where install it....


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                  I guess you won't understand if you don't try it yourself...
                  1. Download the NEWEST game file.
                  2. Check your free space on the first local disc (C: for example)
                  3. The first window ("Preparing to install") wont dissapear until the free space drops for about 750MB. You can check it by refreshing the "My Computer" window.
                  4. When the installation begins, the file asks you where to install the game. If you choose another local disc (for example D: ), it'll still require about 1,35 GB of free space on C: AND the 800MB of the pure game itself on the local disc you've chosen. If you have more than 2,1GB free space on C:, the window where the required free space stands won't propably pop up.

                  Still any questions? Or you're just to lazy to check it yourself =p

                  PS: I think the MSI format can have something to do with it.
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                    ok, i understand it now xD....anyway, i am thinking ...why u just take the free space in the C disc and it's done?

                    or u have another problem when u r installing in C? xd


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                      Just ask yourself - what would you have on mind if YOU told others about this problem and kept explaining that you lack on space on your particular local disc?

                      Not to waste my time - I CAN'T "take free space" on the disc, because it's full of important files ONLY.

                      PS: Can some1 take care of this problem for serious? Thanks


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                        I think u made 2 partitions to boot the pc faster, but how cant u have 2 free gb? u cant fill the HD completly, u have to leave a bit of space or sooner or later it may break.

                        Anyway the game is around 700 mb, i didnt noticed if during the installation it requires 2x the original space. Are u sure the 700 mb exceed isnt of m2sg.msi? coz in this case u can simply moove into another disk and instal it from there to c:, even if u dont want to use that disk.


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                          I realize I need to reinstall the system, I know, but I just don't feel like it for now ^^'
                          I tried to move the msi file to C: and install it from there (had barely 80MB left), and the installation didn't even start, because there wasn't enough needed space (750MB) to run it.
                          So it doesn't matter neither in which partition you have the file, nor where do you choose to install it, the requirements are the same: 2,1GB of total free space on the default partition and 800MB of free space for the game itself on the partition you've chosen.
                          If you don't believe me, try it yourself =) And always look at your free space on the first local disc (C: usually)

                          PS: Of course the massive amount of 2,1GB is needed during the installation only I think, because as far as I'm concerned MSI formats work that way.

                          If any GM/GA reads this, please fix it, change the file to a different format or something, I can't play till I reinstall the system, and I'm lazy =P
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